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Invest in your relationship with yourself

You know, things don’t always go the way we think they will. We might lose something, or someone, that means a lot to us. We might find it difficult to understand why we’re behaving differently. Or it might be an unfamiliar feeling that we just can’t seem to shake off. Sometimes, we need counseling to understand what’s going on and that’s where Psychcare comes in.

We'll help you develop a deeper connection with yourself which is foundational to creating a great life. We'll work together to discover your feelings and needs, connect to your body's inner wisdom, listen to your heart's desires and build on your inner resources in order to easily navigate life's complexities.


Hi, I'm MJ Basilio

I am an adolescent, adult and child psychologist in Wahroonga NSW.

My passion is working with people who are ready and excited to add joy, love and ease back into their lives. I take pride in being able to help people access their own beauty, strength and resilience to transform their relationships with themselves and with those they love. It brings me great joy to help people gain the self-compassion, insight and tools needed to feel less overwhelmed and more empowered in their healing and growth journey.

My journey in psychology has been diverse and profound. Starting as a behavioral therapist with autistic children, I later moved into roles in child protection, brighter futures, out-of-home care, and risk assessments. These experiences exposed me to diverse challenges and strengthened my resolve to make a positive impact on the lives of others.

Building on this foundation I earned my registration as a psychologist in 2015. Since then I’ve focused on diagnosing, treating, and supporting a broad spectrum of neurodivergence with co-occurring conditions including Anxiety, Depression, Complex Trauma, PTSD, Intellectual Disabilities, Personality Disorders, Autism and ADHD.

My approach extends beyond developing coping strategies. It also focuses on healing, play, creativity, and authenticity. This foundation fosters strong relationships and enhances the capacity for joy, love, connection, and intimacy.

“When we heal ourselves, we heal the world. For as the body is only as healthy as its individual cells, the world is only as healthy as its individual souls”
Mark Nepo

How the mind works

We grow in relationships and we break down in the face of trauma. We can heal in connected relationships with ourselves and others. We'll work together to help you get unstuck, attend to what is felt (or not felt), repair emotional wounds, and move through traumatic experiences and memories.

Feeling anxious can lead to panic attacks, irrational fears and rigid, repetitive behaviours that can stop you living the way you want. But we can spend time helping you understand what lies behind your feelings of anxiety and give you the means to keep it under control.

Depression affects the way you think and feel, it can even affect you physically. It can alter the way you think about yourself, your relationships and the people around you and the events you experience every day. We’ll work together to understand what’s going on and help you feel more positive.

How you view yourself and your position in the world influences the way you live your life. When that’s not particularly positive, the effects can be hard to deal with. Together we can find lots of ways to build self-esteem and, most importantly, give you the means to sustain it.

Anyone can feel lonely. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a relationship or not, a social butterfly or someone who isn’t into crowds. To understand what’s making you feel alone, we’ll focus on your inner and outer experiences and work together to find useful things you an do to feel more connected to the world.

When distracting, repetitive or distressing thoughts take over, obsession can feel like you’ve lost control. But we can work together to understand where these thoughts come from and help lower the volume of your mind’s chatter.

The intensity of feelings after experiencing loss can, at times, seem impossible to deal with. Whether you feel sad, angry, guilty, or are longing for life as it once was, we can help you focus on a future that allows you to carry your loss without being crushed by it.

We all have different ways of coping with what life throws at us. From unsuitable relationships with people and food to hiding behind your career, negative coping patterns can have a big impact on our lives. But we can work together to help you change the way you cope and find more positive ways to deal with llife’s challenges.

When you’re stressed, life can feel like a constant battle with no end in sight. But once we start to understand where that stress comes from, we can start to figure out how to make sense of it and find lots of helpful ways to manage it.

Although they’re often easily dismissed, moodswings can seriously impact your life. If you’ve ever experienced changes in your sleep, appetite, social habits, concentration or motivation, you’ll understand. So if it’s time to address one or more of these symptoms, we can help you get back to your balanced self again.

There are times when making a decision feels impossible. We’re not sure about who we are, how we live, who we love, or whether we’d be better off in a different career. But by spending some time together, we can help you find a sense of clarity and work out what’s really important to you.

Who you love, the way you love and how you love others and yourself all make up the person that you are. We pay attention to the way you define yourself, encouraging you to accept, understand, and embrace your sexuality.

When you become a parent, it’s easy to lose site of yourself and your individual needs. From pregnancy and newborn babies right through to teens and adulthood — our children require us to continually redefine who we are as people and as parents. Together, we can find a way to balance needs with those of your family.

The decision to end a marriage is not a simple one. If you’re going through a divorce, thinking about asking for one or have been asked, or have been through the process — there are bound to be some serious emotions to deal with. Together we can work through these difficult feelings and find positive ways to help you move forward.


Mental Health Concerns

  • • Autism
    • Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Trauma-Related Disorders including PTSD and/or cPTSD
    • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
    • Self esteem issues
    • Autism and ADHD assessments


  • • Trauma-informed psychodynamic therapy (Conversational Model)
    • Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR)
    • Acceptance Commitment Therapy
    • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
    • Dialectical Behaviour Therapy
    • Culturally sensitive and relational
    • Attachment based
    • Neurodiversity Affirming

All you need to know

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the costs involved?

Please contact us to discuss our rates and the rebates you may be eligible for depending on your type of referral. If you have a Mental Health Care Plan from your GP you can get a rebate of $92.90. NDIS self-managed funds are also welcome.

How do the therapy or counseling sessions work?

In our first session, we'll have a friendly chat about the most important issue in your life. Together, we'll work on achieving your goals and creating a happier and more fulfilling life. We'll discuss your life story and develop a plan that suits you.

The duration and frequency of our therapy sessions will be based on your needs. Some people prefer shorter sessions to address specific concerns, while others benefit from longer sessions for deeper exploration and personal growth. We'll find the right balance that works best for you.

What are your qualifications?

Registered Psychologist with the Australian Psychology Board.
Member of the Australian Association of Psychologists Inc (AAPi).
Bachelor of Science (Psychology) - The University of Sydney.
Postgraduate Diploma of Psychology - Western Sydney University.
EMDR Advanced Training
Certified Safe and Sound Protocol Practitioner
Neurofeedback brain trainer (Neuroptimal).
Master of Science in Medicine (Trauma-Informed Psychotherapy)

Do you run any group programs?

We occasionally run the following group programs:

Secret Agent Society Small Group Program.
ProACTive (anxiety treatment for children and adolescents) Group.
Engaging Adolescents (Parent Program).

Get in touch

If you feel like it might be time to make a few changes, let’s set up a time to talk.

To make an appointment, please send me an email at or give me a call on (02) 9541 8788.

Suite 4&5, 5 Redleaf Avenue, Wahroonga NSW 2076